Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to purchase at 30% Discount.

Have your order shipped direct to your home, No need to go to the shops and pay expensive parking fees and high petrol costs. Order from the comfort of your own home it could not be simpler.

If you wish to purchase products at 30% off the retail price, you first have to become a distributor. All this requires is you filling out a form, it’s FREE. This then makes you eligible to buy products at wholesale prices. The wholesale price is 30% off the retail list price.

The only stipulation is that your first order must have a wholesale value of £100 or more, in the UK (€50 in Europe or $50 in the USA) and subsequent orders have a wholesale value of £50. There will be a small shipping charge, this will depend on the country you are in.

Forever have distribution systems in over 135 countries throughout the World so there are not many places we cannot reach.

You can just purchase for you and your family's own personal use. If you do decide to share this saving system with other people you know, then you could eventually be eligible to receive up to another 18% in the way of a thank you bonus.

Why pay high street prices for items when you can purchase DIRECT and pay wholesale prices

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You can phone your order to us and pay by Credit or Debit Card

30% Discount Club

Forever Living Products can only be purchased through a
network of Independent Distributors. However, if you would like
to save 30% on all of your purchases, this can be done quickly
and free of charge by registering with the company. This is
easy to do and all we require is the completion of a simple
registration form.

Following registration, you then have the freedom of choice that
FLP can bring. You could simply buy the products at the
discounted rate for your own use, recommend and supply them to your friends
and family to provide some extra income or use it as a business
building opportunity, where the sky really is the limit!

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INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR of FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL Inc. Julia&Olga Theiss. Distributor N 0010023345318 off 30%

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